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60-min sessions

28 Weeks

About the Program

Figure skating instruction for skaters who have completed CanSkate Stage 6 and wish to pursue figure skating recreationally or competitively.

The Junior StarSkate session focusses on preparing skaters for recreational and competitive skating. This session is for skaters working on Star 1– Star 3 in Dance, Free Skate and Skating Skills.

The skaters will be under the supervision of a coach during the session and will receive group lessons each day. They will also have introductory to synchronized skating and off-ice on Thursdays and Saturdays.

This format is recommended by Skate Canada as it has been shown to be much more efficient use of ice time with constant movement. It also allows you to budget more easily and be more cost effective

Private classes will be needed for competitive skaters.

*A minimum 3 days are recommended for this level.

Your Instructor

Sabrina Hinson

Sabrina has over 15 years of coaching experience teaching skating from all over the country. She has experience coaching all ages and levels from Pre CanSkate and CanSkate to StarSkate as well as Competitive Skaters in all disciplines through Gold Tests, Adult Skaters and Synchro Skaters. She also has experience coaching Off-Ice Training Sessions.

Sabrina Hinson


1 day/week


4 day/week


2 day/week


3 day/week






Ice Time

Off-ice Time


5:05 pm

6:05 pm

60 min


5:20 pm

6:20 pm

60 min


5:20 pm

7:00 pm

60 min

30 min


8:45 am

11:00 am

65 min

60 min

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